Laguna Beach’s Mozambique restaurant just announced its return of the $10 dinner plate special. This is in addition to their-already fabulous Taco Tuesday (which is so good, it deserves its own esteemed entry in this column shortly). This $10 plate special is something you want to run (not walk) to and take full advantage of.

Mozambique is in a monstrous building at the corner of PCH (inland side) and Agate. It’s owned by two guys, both of whom traveled with their families as kids through SE Africa. When they by chance met as adults, they discovered that their best memories of said travels were oddly the same – feasting on many a Mozambique meal featuring Peri-Peri, a spice known only to that small corner of the world.

A few years ago, they filled the empty space left by the venerable restaurant, Tortilla Flats, and – frankly – none of the locals thought they’d make it very long. It was, after all, an enormous space to fill. But, rumor soon circled that they possessed the best steak in town.

The rumor was true.
We have a lot of great restaurants in town that serve up great cuts of beef, but there’s nothing like a Mozambique steak. Fortunately, the newly returned $10 plate special includes a chop house sirloin steak – you’re in luck! Other menu items in the summer-long special (good through Aug 31, 2009) include:
1. Wood grilled giant prawns,
2. Peri-Peri rotisserie chicken,
3. Their signature penne pasta dish and
4. Blackened Mahi Mahi.
(They’ve also brought their popular steak and lobster menu item down to $19.99)

Insider Tip

1. The downstairs dining room is a sophisticated, woody, leathery arrangement. Very comfortable. But since it’s summer, you might want to venture upstairs to the enormous “Coastal Lounge” with an open-air verandah and live music. It always reminds me of walking into a shi-shi Vegas night club (without all those people spilling cocktails on you). The bar itself caters to Laguna’s hottest bands Wednesday – Sunday. The attached, open-air verandah offers full-menu dining seating.
2. While there’s never a bad band in the house, if you’re a Reggae fanatic, Mozambique is where you want to be Sunday night. More on this later.

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