The Laguna Beach Restaurant Directory

Each week, Laguna’s restaurant owners and chefs are sending Diane Armitage at The Best of Laguna Beach updates on hours, menu offerings, pick-up options, specials and more.

Only take-out and delivery currently available.

Orange County is currently under “purple tier” closure because of COVID-19. Therefore, Laguna’s restaurants are only allowed to participate in take-out and delivery. Every restaurant participating in take-out shows “YELLOW” on the map. Laguna restaurants and bars show “RED” on the map if they are temporarily or permanently closed.

Click “Holiday Offerings: Look for the GREEN :->

The Directory is also collecting information from all the chefs and restaurateurs on all New Year’s Eve menus, meals and special offers. These are categorized under the checkbox, “Holiday Offers.” You’ll see the short list of participants on the left; their restaurants are “directory pins” of green on the map. Happy holidays!

P.S. Retailers, Local artists and galleries: We are completing the Laguna Beach Retail & Arts Directory for January. Please click for details.

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