520 Maro Wod Grill - Maro and Debra

This Saturday, Nov. 7th, an interesting cooking experiment occurs in Anneliese Schools’ gorgeous gardens in our own Canyon.

From 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., a collection of some of our finest chefs in Laguna Beach will be proving that they can create a 100% organic and sustainable meal that is completely sourced within 100 miles of Laguna Beach at the 100-Mile Feast Event.

On the outset, this sounds like it might be easy – after all, we have organic farms and farmer’s markets within just a few miles of Laguna Beach. The challenge, though, has to do with the 100% bit. Our chefs will be creating an organic, sustainable, locally sourced menu that includes every protein, every green, every herb, every spice, and every flower garnish.

Given that these are some of our more innovative chefs in Laguna’s culinary scene, I can’t wait to see what they come up with. The afternoon event features:

Chef Debra Sims from Maro Wood Grill (with Maro Molteni, too!)

Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales from Nirvana Grille

Chefs Jessica McLeish and Jonathan Pflueger from Sourced Cuisine

Chef Ryan Adams from Three Seventy Common

Chef Camron Woods from The Ranch at Laguna Beach

And hosting Chef Carli Savedra from Seed & Soil

Sponsored by SEEDS Art & Education, Inc., this first seasonal feast promises to be the first of many. Tickets are $150 (adults only) and, last I checked, just eight tickets remained. Partial proceeds from the event benefit Anneliese Schools. Go to www.SeedSed.org to grab the last tickets for this assuredly bountiful, creative and fun feast. See you there!

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