My favorite mentor and client, Bob Proctor, always tells me that when things are looking particularly grim, the best response is to stop, mentally turn in the exact opposite direction and look for an action you can take to counter-balance the grim. Given the world’s news around us, it might be why the “2020 Tipping Challenge” is gaining such fast momentum.

It started in the heartland

Rumor has it that it all started in the heart of the U.S. in a small town in Michigan, but it has since swept to all sides and corners of our country.

A couple decided to do one kind thing last week when they tipped a server $2,020 on a $23 bill. While she hadn’t shared the details with her customers, the server had recently recovered from a year of homelessness and was in the process of rebuilding her life. The server took to social media with her gratitude, and then paid it forward with what she could afford – on her next restaurant bill, she tipped $20.20.

New Kids on the Block musician Donnie Walberg got wind of the story and promptly tipped his IHOP server $2,020 on his pancakes the next day. It has since taken off like a rocket. Tip jars at coffee houses are overflowing with $20 bills. Restaurant receipts – depending on the total, of course – are boosting well over the 20% recommended tip with $20.20 or $120.20 and more. Even non-profit organizations and the entities collecting funds for the Australian wildfires are seeing more and more donations arriving in this configuration.

The key, it seems, is to keep the “2020”number rolling in some way, shape or form. And, of course, if you’re the recipient of this fortune, hashtag #2020tippingchallenge as it’s becoming quite a national groundswell of peace, love and all things groovy.

Pay it forward, folks. (I gave my first $20.20 tip last night at Royal Hawaiian!) Pay it forward even in Laguna Beach. Or maybe because you’re in Laguna Beach. We lead fortunate lives in this magical town. I’m betting we can keep this rolling the whole, entire year.


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