Two quick entries to add for the Easter holiday tomorrow in Laguna Beach (2011).

First, I just ran by Laguna Beach’s chocolate store favorite, The Chocolate Soldier, and there was a line out the door for Easter bunnies and chocolates – deservedly so as these amazing culinary delights should be in every Easter basket tomorrow morning.

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The Chocolate Soldier, in the Old Pottery Place on PCH between the Laguna Beach Bookstore and Sapphire Restaurant, creates handmade, gourmet chocolate bunnies, carrots and eggs in every kind of chocolate and chocolate combo imaginable. As you’re hitting the stores today in prep for tomorrow, make sure you put The Chocolate Soldier on your list.

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Secondly, Jon Madison, owner of the eclectic Madison Square & Garden Cafe in North Laguna Beach (just down from The Cottage restaurant), is busy hard boiling more than 300 eggs for his expected Egg Coloring Crew tomorrow, Sunday (Easter Sunday) . . . that’s 25 dozen eggs for anyone who’s counting.

An annual event that gets adults involved as well as kids, the Madison Square Easter Egg Coloring Event runs 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. in that huge “arts-and-crafts” open-air shed that Jon keeps in the rambling garden and patio dining area. Far from a serious event, there are stories-a-plenty that emerge each year. Check in and color a few eggs to go for the whole family!

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