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Interested in reaching a targeted audience of Laguna Beach residents and inbound visitors ALL YEAR LONG? offers the only “tour guide” of Laguna Beach, California, and “What to do in Laguna Beach” with more than 400 entries about the best Laguna Beach has to offer in its Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Outdoor Activities and Art Galleries.

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How got started

Begun by professional writer and Laguna Beach resident Diane Armitage in 2010, this “hobby” of letting the world know about the wonders of Laguna Beach has turned into one of California’s top-ranked blogs, and is ranked as one of the Top 100 blogs internationally for its content and consistent readership.

Each week, Diane Armitage trolls Laguna Beach, trying every imaginable food and drink; joining tours; visiting galleries; and doing “back stories” on Laguna Beach’s more interesting characters and entities. She does her research as anonymously as possible to ensure an objective experience (Let’s face it: If you’re a known Food Critic, the food changes the minute the chef spies you walking in the door. Diane, on the other hand, is treated “just like any anonymous person” and provides feedback ONLY on what she finds suitable for “best” ranking.)

On the average, Diane Armitage completes 4 entries weekly, thus increasing this online, worldwide “tour guide” by 16 pages monthly or nearly 200 pages annually. 


How quickly has grown in popularity

More than 20,000 subscribers receive direct e-mailed information with every new blog entry about Laguna Beach, and Open Rates are an impressive 92-94%. Additionally, between 1,200 and 4,300 “hits” occur daily on

(Sorry, we never share our subscriber list with outside entities. We only share subscriber information with advertising entities that choose to do monthly “raffles” or “drawings” for their establishment, and only share the subscribers’ emails who subscribe within the timeframe for that entity. See Rate Card below for details.)

In 2013, we published Laguna Beach’s first “travel guide” on Laguna Beach. Titled, Laguna Beach’s Best, the 4-color, high-end printed book is 270+ pages of reviews and tips from local insider and resident, Diane Armitage. The book is distributed online and in several different venues in California, Nevada and Arizona. enjoys TOP Search Engine ranking

In search engines, even against longtime City, Chamber, Visitor’s Bureau and local publication web sites, ranks …

  • 1st place position, Google Page One for “best of Laguna Beach,” and “best Laguna Beach” (5,400 searches monthly for this term)
  • 6th place position, Google Page One for “art laguna Beach” and “art festivals Laguna Beach” (8,100 searches monthly for this term)
  • 8th place position, Google Page One for “what to do in Laguna Beach” (3,900 searches monthly for this term)
  • Commonly ranks in the top 6 positions on Google Page One for entities by name (i.e., search terms such as “Anastasia’s Laguna Beach” … “Laguna Nursery Laguna Beach” …“Rooftop Laguna Beach” … “The Deck Laguna Beach” … “Laguna Culinary Arts”, etc.)
  • Ranks in 1st place position for specific “best of” lists of Laguna Beach, i.e.,, best margaritas, top soups, and more.
  • And ranks 1st and 2nd place, Google Page One for every major holiday search connected to Laguna Beach.

The search engines deliver an average 82% of NEW TRAFFIC to on a monthly basis.


Further, the majority of entries can also be found on the world’s major directories

You’ll find most of Diane Armitage’s entries in also posted at major and international travel and review directories with inbound links to, including:


Your Targeted Audience is reading -– About Our Visitors

The United States is’s biggest reader with highest readership in California (approx 78% of all readership, with 54% in Southern California and 46% in Mid- and Northern California), with Washington, New York, Texas, Arizona and Florida readers showing in largest numbers outside of California. Each month, readers come in from all 50 states.

Canada is our second most interested country, with the Philippines, the U.K., France, Brazil, Spain and Australia subscribing and reading on a regular basis.

Visitors spend between 2:42 and 3:57 minutes each time they visit They peruse an average of 6.8 pages before exiting, thereby ranking this blog in the top 15% for tourist-oriented blog readership worldwide.

Visitor loyalty to shows extremely high with our largest percentage of visitors coming back to the site an average 201 times since we began collecting statistics in October 2010., a division of Armitage, Inc.
Diane Armitage, Founder & President
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Laguna Beach, CA. 92651
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