Art of Fitness

It seems that everyone is in the New Year’s mode of “new you” this week, particularly at our local Art of Fitness, where the gym floor and classes are definitely more populated.

I don’t believe the City of Laguna allows us to call Art of Fitness an actual “gym” but, for the record, it’s the closest thing running in Laguna Beach as Owner Marian Keegan has built out a great, full-service entity over the years.

I have a real affinity for the Art of Fitness because it’s an awesome hometown, friendly gym but it comes with plenty of amenities to cater to anything you could possibly want in fitness.

Marian recently created one easy, $88/month membership for full access to the weight room, spin studio and all 40 weekly classes. And, for the month of January, she’s waived all initiation fees.

So, uhmm … no excuses, my friend.

As someone who’s always been involved in athletics and gyms all my life, I can assure you that the Art of Fitness doesn’t mess around.

I’m still recovering (in a good way) from Tracy Thompson’s awesome Legs & Abs class on Wednesdays. Initially, I thought Tracy’s M/W/F Body Sculpt classes were designed for people who maybe weren’t so fit, but she changed up that paradigm of mine in a big hurry when I attended her first class. While Tracy is one of the best at making newbies or people who are just detoxing from the long holidays feel welcome, “advanced” students are given a heck of a workout.

There are plenty of “floor work” class options, though, that span the gamut, from Fernanda Rocha’s strenuous (but fun) JINGA class, her even more strenuous Bootcamp Express (yowza), as well as other great instructors in TRX, boxing, yoga and more.

Still possessing one of the longest-standing spin studios in the area, Art of Fitness spin instructors don’t mess around either. I spin four to six times a week (Hey! Dining review girl, remember?) and every teacher I have – Fernanda (again), Katie Bell, Tim Morse and now, added killer instructor Curtis Speer – teach high energy, engaging classes.

Marian has done an awesome job of becoming one with the community of Laguna Beach. I don’t know what hundreds of us would be doing without the Art of Fitness as a hub in our lives.

AOF is at 1080 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach (next to Laguna Coffee). Call (949) 464-0202.




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