Art of Juicing - Photo credit Art of Fitness

Art of Juicing – Photo credit Art of Fitness

With the New Year over a week old, I’m here to keep you on your New Year’s resolution track. (You wanted to get healthier and drop that holiday partying weight, right?)

While there are a vast number of fresh juice shops sprouting everywhere in Laguna Beach, I have to say my favorite is still the diminutive Art of Juicing shop, tucked away by the exit doors of the Art of Fitness on Coast Highway.

Two years ago, before all these juice stores had yet sprouted, it was AOF Owner Marian Keegan’s idea. She found Joey Lucchesi, a creative “chef” in and of himself, and set to carving out a space for an all-organic, cold-pressed juice bar for her clients. Several permits and months later, The Art of Juicing opened on March 7, 2014, with an enticing menu of healthy options.

The “culinary masters” of juicing all agree that organic is the only way to go. The nutrients of fruit and vegetable juice act more like a shot of direct action to your body – no sense in filling that shot with what it normally takes to grow and amass commercial produce, right? And, “cold pressed” juicing extracts nutrients without the more common, fast-spinning blades that can destroy the very enzymes you’re trying to put into your bloodstream.

Juicing Blends That Make Sense to All of Us

But the main reason I’m a fan of Art of Juicing is this – Joey created a menu that tells you how each drink is helping you, or enhancing your life. This is good news for most of us new to the juicing scene. He makes it easy.

It might be why two of his best sellers are the Liver Cleanse and the Power/Body/Mind Smoothie, each of which tells you in its headline what it most wants to do for you. His biggest seller, Everyday Greens, is quite self-explanatory as well. Add apple, cucumber, lemon, kale, red chard, celery, parsley, ginger and dandelion to your daily routine, and you can be assured you’re doing a very great thing for your body.

Looking for a remedy to headaches, PMS, stress, indigestion, a common cold or a case of the blues? Joey has the blended juice cure for all that and more.

Customized Cleanse For Your Previous Year

At this time of year (as you can imagine), his cleanse programs are best sellers, too. Rather than package ready-made 3-day or 5-day cleanses, Joey does a quick consultation with each client before deciding which juices should be included. And then, each juice is made fresh daily to absolutely assure that the customized cleanse is working its magic to the best of its ability.

Art of Juicing is definitely a popular favorite for the gym’s regular clientele, but plenty of passerby drop in, too. Check out the many juice and smoothie combinations, or tell Joey what’s been ailing you, and he’ll whip up a custom blend.

And, through the month of January, enjoy special pricing on the Cleanse packages – $30 off the 3-Day Cleanse, and $60 off the 5-Day Cleanse. Check out his menu at, and feel free to call in your order in advance, too, at (949) 464-0203.

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