Admittedly, this Laguna Beach resident kinda forgets about our Laguna Drug store down there on Broadway in downtown Laguna Beach. My very bad and after recent visits, I’ve promised to change my ways.

I’ve checked with other residents and they say the same about the “forgetfulness” deal – maybe it’s because the Laguna Drug store is in the heart of our “tourist” section (just a half block up Broadway from Main Beach), and those are primary traffic zones we tend to shy away from. But, fact is, Laguna Drug offers very cool décor, trendy gifts, high quality glass and dishware, a sizable pharmacy and everything beachy you would possibly need. Laguna Drug also happens to provide the largest – and by far the coolest – greeting card collection in all of Laguna Beach.

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Granted, we have some great stores in town with a limited supply of very good cards. Laguna Drug, however, donates row upon row upon row to its greeting card supply and these are GREAT cards – you know, the kind that actually make you laugh out loud or get all lumpy-throated. As a lifelong writer and card sender, I usually spend way too much time in stores, reading every card available and wondering how people are actually paid to write such crappy cards. Laguna Drug, however, doesn’t seem at all interested in stocking crappy cards.

Laguna Drug has it all – single greeting cards for any possible occasion, boxed note cards, and piles and PILES of single and boxed holiday cards you’d actually LIKE to send to clients, friends and family.

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The stores houses Palm Press, Salty Dog, Papyrus, Hallmark, and Design Design. Make sure, though, that you check out the Cards for Beach People and Ditch Ink surf cards as they’re created by local artist (and obvious surfer) Peter Spacek.

Peter is now doing some very big projects in all parts of the country; he’s definitely clambering his way up! Buy his cards and gifts and you can be one of the privileged few who can say you knew him first.

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