Best Carrot Cake Laguna Beach

Over the last few months, Kevin Montoya’s Secret Recipe Carrot Cake has infiltrated two favorite Laguna Beach haunts – Laguna Coffee, and Eva’s Caribbean Kitchen. I’m hoping, for all our waistlines, that these decadent slices remain only in the two eateries, or we’re all done for.  

Kevin is this 24-year-old dude who was so convinced of his calling that he skipped the usual college route to enroll and graduate from the San Francisco Baking Institute. Shortly thereafter, a friend of his – Carley Eissman – passed away from epilepsy and her mother stepped in to help Kevin get his baking business off the ground – Carley’s Cakes. With every sale of his decadent cakes and pastries, Kevin donates 2% of his profits to an epilepsy foundation.

THAT foundation must be one very happy charity because Kevin’s baked goods last about three and a half minutes in any given location. At Laguna Coffee alone, he supplies entire, towering Carrot Cakes and Chocolate Cakes, and provides the coffee shop’s best-selling Raspberry Muffins, too.

I’ve tried them all and I will tell you squarely – Kevin has a gift. This is by far the best carrot cake in Laguna Beach. We figure he has to be channeling some great aunt with chubby cheeks and an always-hot kitchen oven. When pressed, most folks will vote for his Carrot Cake slices as their favorite (and now, the same Carrot Cake recipe shows up in cream cheese frosting-topped cupcakes. Good glory, he’s out to take us all down.) But, whatever your fancy – chocolate, carrot or raspberry – make sure you swing by Laguna Coffee or Eva’s whenever you feel it’s time to vastly improve your  day. Kevin’s baked goods will not disappoint.

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