Kaj - Santa cards

At the Orange Inn a few years ago, I was auspiciously lucky to meet Kaj (pronounced “Hi!”) Garmshausen and his soon-to-be-wife Mary. What a fantastic couple! I do, think, though, that I was one of the last people on the planet to meet Kaj as he befriends everyone simply walking down a street.

As a kid growing up, Kaj split his time between the pristine waters of Laguna Beach and the equally pristine forests of Yosemite. And, since his childhood, Kaj has poured his love of nature into his “hobby” of exquisite pen-and-ink holiday cards, salvaged driftwood sculptures, and commissioned marble and reclaimed hardwood sculptures.

But the finest thing about this “hobby” of Kaj’s … every year, Kaj sends his friends his latest pen-and-ink “Santa” holiday card creations, and most of us frame the gorgeous originals and hang them on our walls. Finally, after years of harassment from us, Kaj is introducing his Santas to the rest of the world.

His archive of 20 holiday cards – with five new designs this year alone – is now available in single or 5-card sets.

Kaj Garmshausen - holiday cards

When I heard this news, I made a beeline to his door and refused to leave until I had 30 holiday cards in my grasp. As someone who always sends snail mail holiday cards every year, I know that Kaj’s cards are the most original pieces you can find on today’s holiday market.

In a matter of hours after Kaj’s “going commercial” announcement, Laguna Beach Books picked up several of Kaj’s boxed sets and individual cards, too. To purchase your “Santa” cards, drop into the bookstore (at the Old Pottery Place), or contact Kaj directly at (949) 338-0411 or KajGuy1@gmail.com



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