Laguna Drug holiday cards

While some of our crazier acquaintances might head out to the pre-Black Friday Christmas sales on Thanksgiving night, I prefer to believe that  true holiday fanatics will be hanging around the home hearth on Thanksgiving night with all their favorite peeps around them. For me, Thanksgiving evening means the start to two great things: 

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the original version (“You’re a foul one . . . “), on at least 8 network stations.
  2. Starting on my Christmas card list with freshly minted holiday greeting cards. 

When it comes to the holidays, I’m a devout believer in sending holiday greeting cards to my favorite people. A card in the mail is so much more personal than an “e-card.” Believe it or not, some retailers in town still support this old-fashioned opinion. And, when it comes to holiday boxed cards, nobody does it better than Laguna Drug on Broadway. 

Granted, we have stores in town with a supply of very good holiday cards (Laguna Colony and Laguna Beach Books notwithstanding). Laguna Drug, however, donates row upon row upon row to its ongoing greeting card supply all year long. And, when the holidays are upon us, the store adds more than 100 single card designs and at least 50 boxed cards designs. Look for Palm Press, Salty Dog, Papyrus, Hallmark, and Design Design. And, be sure to check out the holiday cards for Beach People and Ditch Ink surf cards, as both lines are created by local artist Peter Spacek.

Whether you’re sending to friends or clients, and whether you prefer the lofty grace or comedy of the holidays, Laguna Drug will dial you in. Their many tables fairly groan with holiday greeting cards that accommodate Santa and reindeer, manger scenes, generic holiday messaging, Hanukah and New Year’s greetings. You can’t go wrong.

Get in to Laguna Drug while the holiday card pickings are at their premium!

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