So, here’s how the search for the best margaritas in Laguna Beach began … I polled my thousands of readers and they told me where to go. I then faithfully donated by gall bladder to science in an effort to taste test their votes. Comment your thoughts, please.

This entry, Best Margaritas in Laguna Beach, is from my book, The Best of Laguna Beach: A Travel Guide & Reference Resource for Visitors & Locals

1.  The Lagniappe Margarita, Starfish
30832 S. Pacific Coast Highway
lagniappe-StarfishA dyed-in-the-wool fan of bartender Neil Skewes, this Lagniappe Margarita could be the primary reason. This marg drinks more like a mojito with Silver Tequila poured over a fresh muddle of mandarin orange, fresh mint, lime and a splash of soda. It is sheer awesomeness.


pineapple-margarita-Carmelita's2. The Partida Margarita, Carmelitas
217 Broadway
All of the margaritas at Carmelita’s are basically “skinny” as Carmelita’s only uses agave and fresh juices. While the Carmelita’s Grilled Pineapple Margarita is a crowd favorite, I would recommend the Partida Marg with anejo tequila. It’s so spectacular that I’ve had difficulty choosing any other on the Carmelita’s list.


hotel laguna margarita3. The 363 Margarita, Ocean View Bar & Grill
Hotel Laguna – 425 S. Coast Highway
Tucked behind the Hotel Laguna right in the heart of Laguna Beach is the lovely Ocean View Bar & Grill restaurant. When the sun is shining and the dolphins are playing, there are few better places in all of Laguna to sit for a spell and sip a great margarita. The Grill’s “363” is the bob because, instead o common skimps on tequila in lesser margaritas, the Grills brings you your own bottle.

Each margarita comes ready-made minus the tequila. That’s what your accompanying mini bottle of patron Tequila is for. Add the entire bottle or toss in dashes in the name of moderation’ it’s entirely up to you.


4. Jason’s Double, The White House
340 S. Coast Highway
Ask for Jason’s double concoction margarita at The White House. Ask only for Jason. I happened upon this MArgarita MAster when I was doiong my Taco Tuesday story on the White House a couple years ago. He’ll toss in the tequlia of your choice, but favors orange juice to sweet-n-sour mix, and thrws in a couple citrux extras he’ll never mention by name.


5. The Skinny, Avila’s El Ranchito
1305 S. Coast Highway
I’m all for the skinnier, healthier alternative to margaritas. El Ranchit’s Skinny, concocted largely of tequila, lots of lime juice and a splash of soda, is quite refreshing and not at all gummy as some margaritas can be.


6. Jalapeno Margarita, K’ya and the Rooftop
1287 S. Coast Highway
Up-Smoke-580-x-310This is one brash, take-no-prisoners kind of hombre. The folks muddle Casa Nobles organic tequila with fresh jalapeno, lime, lemon and orange slices. They toss in Cointreau and organic agave nectar, shake and serve with lime and jalapeno slices in a glass rimmed in chili and lime spice.


Carmelitas -Cucumber margarita and chips-TA7. The Cucumber Cilantro Margarita, Carmelita’s
217 Broadway
Yep, I’ve listed Carmelita’s again, this time for its very cool and refreshing cucumber/cilantro margarita. Again made with two shots of silver tequila and a muddle of cucumber slices with chopped cilantro, this goes down terribly easy on a hot summer afternoon.

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