If your New year’s resolution includes improving your game in digital photography, editing the photos you’ve actually taken  (Adobe Photoshop), or vastly improving your oil or acrylic painting prowess, then you want to look into Mary Gulino’s new round of workshops in Laguna Beach (starting TOMORROW, Monday, Jan. 17th).

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Mary has been a resident of Laguna Beach for all of one year, but she came her with one purpose in mind – creating www.MyArtistLoft.com to continue her teaching (and practicing) of the finer arts in the only town she’s always wanted to live in.

In one short year, this native of Queens, New York, has developed quite a following of locals and folks who drive in from miles to take part in her workshops. (No less than 9 people recommended that I research and write about Mary’s classes, and for a town chock full of artists teaching other artists, that’s saying something.)

Mary Gulino’s Winter 2011 Workshops are posted and still accepting registration, with many classes beginning this week, such as …

  • Short-term, weekly Digital Photography for both beginners and intermediates,
  • 6-week or single-day Adobe Photoshop workshops so you can actually improve upon your already improving photography.
  • And one-day workshops in acrylic, portrait and oil pantings that start in February and March.

People love Mary’s workshops because, even as a very accomplished artist in her own right, she’s not at all intimidating to the newbies. And, given that she’s been teaching as a full-time art and photography instructor for 9 years now, she’s had a lot of experience dealing with all sorts of personalities, artistic styles and every question imaginable. (Trust me. She can handle you.) Even better, her classes are happily inexpensive.

So … you put this “goal” on your list this year. Here’s your chance  – already – to check it off your list! (I always say … once you put a goal out there, it’s amazing how quickly the opportunity to take action on it comes around.)

Take a look at Mary’s photography and art classes here and get yourself registered.

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