Paulo Prietto skimboard camp

Having followed and photographed the professional skimboarders for many years now, I have to say that the top guys in this sport are incredibly nice guys. Paulo Prietto, though, is in a class all his own. A professional skimboarder, Paulo has not only won three world championships, but he’s usually the one winning the “Best Sportsman” awards at all the events, too. 

Paulo has been teaching skimboarding to beginners and pros alike for years. He has a number of DVDs and YouTube videos and throughout, he has to be the friendliest, most stoic skimboarding teacher out there. Nothing you do on a skimboard phases Paulo; he is ever encouraging, always upbeat, and terribly careful with his charges.

In his week-long Skimboarding Camp, Paulo teaches ocean surf “physics” and safety tips, and does all sorts of technique teaching on the beach before taking to the waves. He’s a hands-on teacher whose greatest concern is that each participant has a great time while advancing his or her skills. Aside from his Solag Skim School staffers, expect to see drop-in surprise visits from the top-ranked skimboarding pros, too.


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Laguna Beach Skimboarding Camp by Paulo Prietto
Treasure Island Beach (below the Montage)
Drop off and pick up: Public parking garage adjacent to the Montage off Wesley
July 1 – Aug. 16 (4 camps offered in Summer 2013)
9:00 a.m. – noon

$275 ($225 for the session that omits a day’s lesson on July 4th)
All skill levels. Students must be able to swim.

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