Superbowl viewing in Laguna BeachThis Sunday, Feb. 7th … this magnificent Superbowl Sunday, the likes of which seems to take precedence over every national and religious holiday in our United States … is being celebrated in several restaurants and bars throughout Laguna Beach.

I’m a Denver native, born and bred for 35 years as a Denver Bronco fan before moving here to The Land of Professional Football Free. For me, the Superbowl is both worthy of celebration and one of terribly dreaded anticipation. When the Broncos are in the Superbowl, I need to be in a place with plenty of fellow orange shirts and drink specials to both bolster my courage and be there for me should my boys be trampled into Levi’s Stadium’s grassy turf.

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty on just what qualifies as a true “celebration” and where I – the scared stiff Denver Bronco fan – will be willing to roost for five hours for Superbowl viewing in Laguna Beach.

No Sound, No Diane

Several restaurants will be televising the game with sub-titles only. In my opinion, that’s not only a painful discovery, but downright unpatriotic. How can we judge the Superbowl commercials without sound, for heaven’s sake?

Further, though I’ll crane my neck to watch a single television in a restaurant bar for my second favorite sport, grand slam tennis, I’m not willing to crane for the Superbowl. My Superbowl TV needs to be big and loud and bold.

Only Six Real Choices for Superbowl Viewing in Laguna Beach

Those two requirements aside, I’ve just managed to drop 13 restaurants and bars from the 20 that have told me they’re celebrating the Superbowl. Personally, I try to promote independent restaurants in Laguna Beach, so now we’re down to just six contenders. Happily, each of these patriotic leaders is offering bowl party specials, too:

Avila’s El Ranchito – multiple TVs, regular menu + happy hour brunch till 2:00
Big Fish Tavern – big screens and multiple TVs, drinks specials, $4 domestic draft, $14 per dozen wings or BBQ pork sliders
Lumberyard – giant TV and multiple TVs, appetizer and drink specials, + Sunday brunch
Marine Room – multiple TVs, happy hour all day + $4 mimosas and SuperBloodys (which I’m hoping the Superbowl isn’t)
Mozambique – multiple TVs, happy hour throughout the game
OceanView Bar & Grill at Hotel Laguna – big screens and multiple TVs, Game Day Happy Hour with 50% of all appetizers, all drinks (even top shelf) throughout the game
The White House – $40 Super Bowl party, which includes buffet

Don’t try making reservations at any of these places because they’re not taking them. Wherever you decide to be for Superbowl viewing in Laguna Beach, plan to show up early. Please eat well throughout the day, give an extra tip to your over-worked servers and bartenders, and find an Uber home.
Go Broncos! (quivery whimper).

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