best vet in Laguna Beach - Randall Bondurant - Hayes Fyke I love it when someone in a timeworn industry shakes it up a little bit.

The OC Animal Medical Center in Laguna Canyon (about 100 yards east of Ganahl Lumber) has done some serious shakin’ and stirrin’ with the recent partnership of two great vets, each of whom arrived from the great state of Georgia. They didn’t know each other before they both ended up here, which makes me wonder whether native homing beacons are wired into our brains at birth. (Case in point: All those Ohioans who suddenly congregate out of nowhere for Buckeye games. Admit it: It’s kind of spooky.)

These animal docs, Randall Bondurant and Hayes Fyke (even their names are classic Southern), are top-of-the-line vets in a seriously modern veterinary clinic, but they definitely have that down-home Southern hospitality thing going on. You might remember their appearance at the Hospitality Parade – they had the booth with the giant Dalmation dog mascot.

This week, one of their emails found its way to my “in box” and I had to chuckle. I don’t even have a dog anymore, but I’m tempted to liberally borrow one of my friends’ dogs just to take advantage of their calendar specials. “Mani Monday” offers 50% off nail trims, “Terrific Tuesday” is a percentage off all retail items (except phamaceuticals), “Washin’ Wednesday” is a 50% off bath special, “Thorough Thursdays” is another 50% off for medical exams … and the list marches on through the week.

Each of the specials includes a complimentary technician exam, too. If it were me, I’d sign up for the Thursday med exam to ensure actually meeting and welcoming these Peach state veterinarians to our burg. I’ve a feeling they’re not going to be strangers to us very long. You can reach the clinic at (949) 464-1000.

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