[singlepic id=586 w=320 h=240 float=right]OK, so it’s been a weird week in Laguna Beach …

On the heels of the surprising Laguna Beach restaurant closings of Café Vienna and The Royal Hawaiian comes a third closing in just a week’s time. Laguna Beach’s Blue Laguna, the happening nightspot for people who stay up way past my bedtime, has closed its doors to new ownership and a revamped theme, look and feel.

Guests of the Holiday Inn (where the Blue Laguna was housed) might feel a bit relieved. While this popular tapas bar was known for its no-cover, live DJ nights, the scene really only got thrumming after 11:00 p.m., and the line outside the door was … energetic … to say the least. It was a great landing place for 20 somethings, particularly after Mosun’s closed its doors down the block.

The former Blue Laguna, yet to be re-named, is undergoing renovations for a planned opening date the first week of May. We know it will be shifting its menu from tapas to a more Italian palate, but stay tuned for more details here at LagunaBeachBest.com

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