Blue Water Music Festival Laguna Beach - Diane Armitage

It’s been 10 years since the Blue Water Music Festival began at the Festival of Arts grounds.

It’s only grown since then, still remaining a 2-day event, but pulling in larger crowds, larger names in the business, and finally moving to three stages at the Sawdust Festival grounds.

This year, on March 29th and 30th, the Blue Water Music Festival’s lineup of amazing bands continues to form, even as the Festival is announcing 18 bands on Day One and  13 bands on Day Two. See all the bands here and purchase tickets, anywhere from VIP at $125 to “regular folks” tickets at $35 per day.  

The Blue Water Music Festival was initially created as an Earth Day celebration and “super fundraiser” with half of ticket sale proceeds going to nonprofits, after-school programs, artists and other vital causes. 

Saturday, March 29, music includes Jeff Crosby and the Refugees, the fantastic Shaena Stabler, Missiles of October, the Salty Suites and a host of others.

Sunday, March 30th totes a whole new music scene that includes World Anthem, Common Sense (with fabulous Nick I), Toulouse Englehardt, the first American Reggae Hall of Fame with Rebel Rockers, and Pato Banton.

A “Chef’s Showcase” will also be in play with a variety of Laguna Beach restaurants including Maro Wood Grill, the Wine Gallery and (one of my top favorites) Zoolu Cafe. Once again, it promises to be an awesome event! 

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