brussel sprouts - Broadway Restaurant

It’s hard to believe that The Broadway Restaurant in Laguna Beach is already at the two-year mark. Chef Amar Santana and his crew came in with an open throttle, and they haven’t backed off since. This restaurant seems to always be busy, from its opening doors to closing, every night of the week. 

While they celebrate their 2-year mark, Chef Amar is offering his biggest best-selling side dish/appetizer through this coming Sunday, Sept. 22 – Brussel Sprouts! That’s right! If you’re one of those peeps who turns up your nose at Brussel Sprouts, you haven’t had these heavenly decadent beauties at The Broadway. Now’s as good as time as any – especially as these are complimentary with any order you place through Sunday. 

Congrats to Chef Amar, General Manager Ahmed, and Business Partner (and most excellent wine buyer) Rich for your continued success, and thanks for all you do for Laguna Beach!

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