LBB - Kosta Browne-Diane Armitage

In very short order, Chef Amar Santana’s Broadway Restaurant has become a leading icon for monthly “Broadway Wine Dinners” here in Laguna Beach.

Each month on a Wednesday, the entire restaurant closes for its own private party – the Broadway Wine Dinner. The Broadway’s GM Ahmed Labbate joins forces with Chef Amar in choosing the winemaker and the vintages to be featured. Then, the award-winning Chef creates a brand-new custom menu paired to each of the chosen wines. It’s become so phenomenally popular that, of the 90 or so seats available, about 50% of the clientele enjoying that month’s wine dinner will purchase the NEXT month’s Broadway Wine Dinner just to preserve their seats. 

May’s Wine Dinner features Kosta Browne, an award-winning vintner who specializes in memorable Pinot Noirs. Tickets are quickly moving – and I mean quickly – but can still be purchased online here: Kosta Browne Wine Dinner

The Kosta Browne menu is also “live” for your perusal here

I’ve attended two of these wine dinners at the Broadway and they are, frankly, phenomenal. The entire crew at the Broadway is so relaxed and easy-going that the energy of the place is more like a great dining experience at someone’s house – not an ounce of pretense or arrogance shows up, even when some of the rarest vintages around are poured. The winemakers and their representatives are there in person, too, and they’ve been just as friendly and accessible as the Broadway personnel. 

The event begins with tray-passed appetizers and featured white wines, then moves into a very seriously foodie 5-course event. It’s a sincere treat for Laguna Beach, and a fabulous way to familiarize yourself with new vintages (or get your hands on vintages you normally can’t find)!


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