Normally my go-to restaurant for the best craft egg dishes in Laguna Beach, Cafe Anastasia, is lesser known (at least to me) for its amazing fresh juices and salads.

As I’m in the middle of a 30 Day Detox and on the hunt for chefs serving up the most “clean food” in Laguna, I stopped in this weekend with my Creative Director, Patti, in tow. I was planning to purchase one of their amazing juice concoctions but was, instead, drawn to a most amazing salad.

But first, the juice concoctions.
Owners Zore and Amir Gharavi added these fresh juices to their menus about 6 years ago as a weekly special. They proved so popular that they still adorn the order counter, their vibrant jewel tones adding a great splash of color to an already sophisticated café. Each is made fresh to order. Kiko, a long-time manager and now part owner in the establishment, says the Black Diamond is the most popular seller (2nd from left) as it features a big hit of ginger blended with apple, spinach, lemon, parsley, beets and celery.

Other Anastasia fresh juice flavors, from left to right: 
La Bamba – pineapple, lemon, ginger, orange
Black Diamond (description above)
Green Juice – kale, spinach, celery, apple and romaine
Sun Dry – oranges and strawberries
Vampire – carrots, celery, beets and oranges.

As I noted, I had every intention of investing in my favorite, the Black Diamond, but Anastasia’s was also featuring (on counter top) their weekly salad special, a lush grilled shrimp salad. I capitulated, as did Patti.

The salad was crisp and fresh – and a giant – with red and butter lettuces, baby spinach, hearts of palm, blanched green beans, cucumber wedges and paper-thin radishes with a heap of seasoned, grilled shrimp. Sprinkles of thyme and parsley married beautifully with the house-made balsamic dressing.

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