[singlepic id=418 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Sept 1, 2011 – While we’re all stoked here in Laguna Beach to see some serious wave action, this long-period swell visiting us from Tahiti isn’t necessarily family or small child friendly. Today, most of our Laguna cove beaches were closed by the City, and our usual lovely Main Beach was racked and staked with piles of seaweed.

Granted, our city teams are cleaning and sweeping for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend in Laguna Beach, and this swell isn’t supposed to be lasting much past Saturday, but before you make a beeline for Laguna Beach beaches (or any other South County beach for that matter), be sure to check in to www.surfline.com for latest surf forecasts. If you’re not really comfortable in 5-8 foot surf and swells, make alternate plans in Laguna Beach for food, events, tours, and shopping this Labor Day holiday weekend. I’ll post specifics shortly!


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