Congratulations to The Broadway’s Chef Amar Santana for triumphing over L.A.’s Dolce Chef Mirko Pademo in last night’s televised Knife Fight on the Esquire Network.

Given a limited quantity of ingredients to work with, the chefs both came up with very similar dishes built a foundation of squid ink risotto.  Amar, however, resorted to his trademark favorite – pork – by folding wheat berry, pig’s ear, lemon juice, sea urchin and charred scallion together, and piling atop the risotto. His dish tested in front of a panel of foodie celebrity judges, Chef Amar’s entry squeaked by the contender (or should we say “oinked” by?)

You never know if this last-minute solution is going to show up at the Broadway one of these upcoming evenings – watch for the ingredients in a possible nightly special  … or even tonight at the Justin Wine Dinner …

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