Ruben Flores (the popular owner of Laguna Nursery) is at it again with a special Cinco de Mayo Cabaret this Sunday, May 5 from 6-10 pm. Tickets are on sale now, $40 in advance, and $50 at the door, but fair warning – these tickets go very quickly. Call 949-494-5200 to reserve yours.

The Cabaret, a fest of professional singers, piano players and crowd sing-alongs, was put into play a few years ago by Ruben when he decided that what he did in the field needed to be in his own nursery. When he architects anyone’s landscape or garden, Ruben is careful to also wire in speakers and music as the two go together something like peanut butter and strawberry jam. “We always have music playing in the nursery during operating hours,” says Ruben. “But the nursery is so beautiful at night with all our chandelier lighting that I wanted people to participate in the nursery and its special music in off-hours, too.”

His first Cabaret was an immediate success, and it remains as such every time one is announced. Although not a monthly event, Ruben tends to offer the Cabaret 6 – 8 times a year, depending on the season and “whim.”

If you know anything about Ruben’s style, his Cabaret event – right smack in the middle of the Nursery – is always over the top with catered food, beverages, and internationally acclaimed singers and piano players. For the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebration, it’s Charlene Mignault, a Cabo San Lucas resident who sings all over the world in 4 languages. (And she’s the ripe old age of 26 or something.)

As they say, “Everyone loves a Cabaret.” And in Laguna Beach, no truer words could be said at the Laguna Nursery Cabaret. 


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