With the announcement of their new spring cocktail roll out, Oak Laguna Beach (photo above) reminded me this morning that next Wednesday is (drum roll please) National Cocktail Day.

If you’re willing to play, I’m here to take your votes!

I’ll be writing in next Tuesday’s StuNewsLaguna about the top five most popular cocktails in Laguna Beach.

Is it Royal Hawaiian’s Lapu Lapu? Is it Dan the Man’s Lemondrop Martini at 230 Forest? Is it one of Neil Skewes famous libations at Starfish? How about a single choice from the sheer craftery at Broadway by Amar Santana, Drake Laguna Beach, Sapphire.Cellar.Craft.Cook, Driftwood Kitchen or Selanne’s? Will your favorite margarita make the list?

Register your vote at TheBestofLagunaBeach.com home page and may the best libation win!

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