Q: What made you decide to become a chef?
Chef Corey: When I was a teenager, I was sent to a school in Hurricane Utah to get my head on straight. I was given a couple work options, so I chose the kitchen. As soon as I started there, I knew I’d found something I really enjoyed. In the one year and one day that I was there, I learned how to do all the basic cooking skills and was eventually cooking food for more than 350 kids and employees.

I managed to graduate a year and a half early, so the next day when I returned home to Yorba Linda, I applied to The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of California in Santa Ana.  I was 17 then, and I haven’t stopped cooking since.

Q: Where did you develop your love for French cooking?
Chef Corey: After the Culinary Institute, I got a job at The Wild Artichoke and learned a lot from Chef James D’Aquilla there. But, it was when I moved to Pinot Provence with Chef Alfonso Ramirez that I learned the most in French cuisine and techniques. It was awesome. I think I’ve carried parts of that forward ever since.

Q: Have you created any French-styled dishes at Bosscat Kitchen in Newport?  Well, I did have my Spicy Frog Legs on the menu for a quick minute. It was a big hit in Newport, but it didn’t prove as popular in our Texas location. But, in the time we had it on the menu, we won the National Award for Frog Legs!

Q: How many Bosscat Kitchens are in play?
Newport Beach was the first in 2014. Chef Peter Petro brought me on and we did a lot of work together before he moved to Texas to open our location in Houston. He just moved back about three weeks ago to help us complete the opening of our third restaurant in the Orange Circle. That will be happening sometime soon, but no set date.

Q: What’s your current favorite dish on the Bosscat menu?
Our menu is always changing here at Bosscat, but I’d say my current favorite is the 12-Hour Short Rib. It has so many great flavors; it’s a great winter dish.

Q: Why did you choose to participate for the first time in OC Chef’s Table this year? 
Peter, our Executive Chef,  participated in it about four years ago, and he said it was an impactful experience. So, when the restaurant asked me if I would be interested this year, I said absolutely. I’d like to do what I can to help kids and teens. So, we reached out to Illumination Foundation. I’m really looking forward to it.

The top chefs in Orange County (along with a few surprise visiting chefs) are getting together again for the renowned OC Chef’s Table at Disneyland® Resort on March 1, 2020, to provide permanent housing and services for homeless adults and children. With OC’s most imaginative chefs creating one-of-a-kind magical menus, it’s no wonder OC Chef’s Table is one of the most coveted gala tickets of the year.
See all 40+ chefs participating and secure your ticket at OCChefsTable.com. And, get to know this year’s phenomenal chefs as Diane Armitage sits down with each, asking 5 questions in just 5 minutes … 

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