520 Disney donation

How awesome is this?

Last week, the PMMC (Pacific Marine Mammal Center) sent out a rare cry for help – they are early in the season and absolutely at maximum capacity already with sick seals and sea lions. They needed help from donors, and badly.

While many people responded with donations, the people at Disney decided to make the PMMC their “Earth Day Giveaway” on Friday. As it turns out, in celebration of its 60th anniversary, Disneyland is giving away $60,000 each month to a non-profit organization.

They called and asked the PMMC for a tour on Friday, to which the PMMC happily agreed. Imagine their surprise, though, when the folks from Disneyland showed up with a surprise check, instead.

It couldn’t have happened at a more needed time. Thank you, Disneyland!

To give online donations to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, just click here: Helping Seals and Sea Lions!

Remember, too, the May 15th Martini Madness party occurs at the Cliff Restaurant, and all proceeds from ticket sales go to the PMMC. Purchase your Martini Madness ticket here!


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