dog laws in Laguna Beach

We love the fact that Laguna Beach folks happen to like dogs a lot. For the record, Laguna Beach allows dogs in more retail shops, restaurants and beaches than any other town we know along the California coast. We, do, however, have dog police, and they are especially vigilant on the beaches in the summer. 

Here’s a quick list of the latest dog laws for Laguna Beach, as well as dog friendly places in Laguna Beach you’ll want to take note of. 

Let’s start with the friendly stuff first, rrrufff!

Laguna Beach Restaurants That Like Dogs

  • Laguna Coffee – inside, outside and all around (Saturday morning Jazz sessions are impassable inside the coffee shop, so spare your poor pooch the stress. Outside, of course, he or she will be much happier.)
  • Madison’s Square Garden & Cafe – inside, outside and all around 
  • The Orange Inn – inside, outside and all around
  • Anastasia’s – patio
  • El Ranchito – patio
  • GG’s Bistro – a few tables on patio allow you to have your dog just on the other side of the open ironwork fence
  • Gina’s Pizza (both locations) – patio
  • Heidelberg – patio
  • La Sirena Grill – patio
  • Ocean Brewery – just on the other side of the ironwork fence on patio
  • Sapphire – patio
  • Sun Dried Tomato – patio
  • Thalia Beach Cafe – patio
  • The Lumberyard – just on the other side of the short wall surrounding the patio
  • The Rooftop Lounge – believe it or not, yes, but your pooch will have to climb a LOT of stairs (over 70). And please avoid Happy Hour – it’s very busy. 
  • Zinc Cafe – patio


Other Dog Friendly Places in Laguna Beach

Dogs are allowed on leashes at the Top of the World (Alta Laguna) hiking trails, and on some hiking trails above Laguna Beach heading south, but they are NOT allowed on the beach or trails at Crystal Cove/El Moro . . . these are state beaches.

Of course, you’ll see every kind of dog on parade at Main Beach, on the Main Beach boardwalk and on all the sidewalks around Heisler Park and the Montage Resort grounds. Just be careful with beach laws, listed below.

Well-behaved dogs are still allowed in just about all retail shops and banks – please be kind and ask first. Art galleries? No. 


Dog Laws in Laguna Beach for Beaches, in Parks and on School Grounds

Laguna Beach Municipal Code 6.16.020 prohibits dogs, whether on a leash or not, from being in the following areas:

  • Prohibited on Aliso Beach, and any beaches south of Aliso Beach, at all times 
  • Prohibited on any city beach north of Aliso Beach, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. from June 15th to September 10th
  • Prohibited in Boat Canyon Park between June 15th and September 15th
  • Prohibited in Heisler Park at such times as City Council may fix and designate by resolution
  • Prohibited in Bluebird Park at all times
  • Prohibited in any tot lot or play equipment area at all times
  • Prohibited on any public school grounds at all times
  • The restrictions and prohibitions shall not be applicable to dogs while they are enrolled and participating in obedience classes sponsored by the recreation department of the city, or to guide dogs for blind persons

By all means, if you have a dog in Laguna Beach and I’ve missed something important, email me at or comment below and I’ll make updates. We want to be as dog friendly in Laguna Beach as is humanly possible. Dog lovers need to know!








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