Meet Charlie & Zen, valiant defenders of the Main Beach Boardwalk

Sunday, August 21, Main Beach, Laguna Beach

[singlepic id=405 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=center]Maltese 2-year-olds, Charlie and Zen, consider themselves brothers of another mother. Though they look quite alike and are practically joined at the hip (they even share the same leash) they were born a few weeks and a few communities apart.

Their people, then-Coto de Caza residents, had recently lost a Maltese to coyotes. Since adopting and moving their people to Nyes Place in Laguna Beach, Charlie and Zen want everyone to know they’ll have nothing to do with that coyote business.

They’re vigilant little warriors protecting their Laguna Beach boardwalk, and will join in chorus at any passing coyote-looking animal … even if that animal might resemble something more the size of a Pekingese.

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