Dogs Who Brunch - Kona

Kona’s still living her “honeymoon” with her people

Dogs Who Brunch Series
Laguna Beach, Main Beach

About three years ago, Miss Kona, a mix of Black Lab and  . . . ehrm . . . we’re not sure what . . .  was hanging in a pound in San Luis Obispo without much hope. She was a year old at the time, and she found that pups were the first to be adopted all around her. But then, a honeymooning couple from Aliso Viejo came up to her little cage and changed her life.

Now, two years later, Kona feels like she’s on her own kind of honeymoon every day of her life. And her people are still happily married, too, thank you very much.

Kona loves her walks on the Laguna Beach Main Beach Boardwalk and when the dog police aren’t looking, she’s happy to chase a Frisbee or two. She thinks the ocean water is the best and most soothing balm for any possible wrong in the world, and advises we humans take to it more often in our weekly sojourns. 

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