dogs who brunch - Lily -

Meet Lily, the ORIGINAL Laguna Beach Books dog

Dogs Who Brunch Series
The H.I.P. District

Little did I know when coming across this dear ragamuffin dog at Main Beach in Laguna Beach that she had quite a story behind her.

For starters. Lily is a rescue dog – rescued once from whatever was not agreeable to lovely dogs, and then rescued a second time from the San Clemente shelter by two well-meaning Laguna Niguel peeps.

She’s about 10 now – a pragmatic, sensible 10, mind you – who’s seen it all and lived it all. In fact, as it turns out, one of her “persons” is the just-as-lovely, diligent and ever-knowledgeable bookworm, Robin, at Laguna Beach Books. has already focused on one dog at the same retail locale – Bindi, who bounded on the scene as an overlarge, skittering puppy. Lily, of course, has taken this all in stride because, you see, she’s an old woman … with a very big story.

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