Meet Samuel, new edition to Planet Earth

Laguna Beach’s HIP District at The Heidelberg Inn

Labradoodles seem to be the “designer dog” of the new century ( see earlier Dogs Who Brunch entry on Bindi) and … seriously … who can blame the fact they’re hoarding all the Oscar votes?

Take Samuel here, for instance. The dude’s just 14 weeks old but he’s already got all the attention (especially from girl dogs) goin’ on.

“Sammie” first showed up in San Luis Obispo, but decided surf and sand were more his style. So, when his people showed up a few weeks ago – a couple that lives in San Juan Capo but spends day-in and day-out in Laguna Beach – he knew it was time to find his crate and pack his bones for travel. While he’s only been with us a few weeks, he considers himself a full-on Beach Dog, and plans to take up swimming lessons soon.

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