Dogs Who Brunch-Laguna-puppy

Laguna, a Bernese/Husky/Australian Shepherd mix of love

Dogs Who Brunch Series
Laguna Niguel

You know your Sunday is off to a great start when the first “person” you meet is a lovely dog named Laguna. 

Given that Laguna is just 5 months old and a mighty mix of three distinct personality-type dogs, she finds life (and people in particular) quite remarkable and exciting.

Laguna joined her people, Donald and Phillip, and two older brothers, Ralphie and Pinot, after a rather rambunctious start in a litter of 9 pups. Selected because she was the only beautiful blond in the  litter, Laguna felt a bit of the same relief that her new brothers experienced as they were each scooped up and rescued by such warm and wonderful parents. Undoubtedly, Laguna felt additional gratitude when she was named after the very location her people love most. 

Laguna took to her new family “like peas to carrots.” Her brothers (Ralphie, the collie/shepherd mix and Pinot, the lab/beagle mix) are eternally patient with her happy vitality and joy. While all three dogs love their walks together in the morning, the “boys” are undoubtedly a bit relieved when she’s taken out to coffee so that they can rest up for her return.  

Laguna is a devout gardener with particular pruning skills for Azalea bushes. She’s careful to inspect the family’s rose bushes, too, and manages to brush up on her equestrian skills at the same time as she gracefully leaps over each bush. She’s never at a loss in finding her next activity, often squiring her brothers or nearby humans into the mix. For Laguna, it’s simply about sharing the love, and she does so with fervent passion. 


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