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Sierra, the Pyrenees from Celebrity Lines

Dogs Who Brunch Series
Laguna Beach, Main Beach


Meet Sierra, the Great Pyrenees whom I spotted on her way to Main Beach. Having owned and dearly loved a Great Pyrenees of my own (I still miss you terribly, Merlin), Sierra was easy to spy. The Pyrenees don’t often make their way to the Laguna Beach and are a rare breed in our town, indeed.

Sierra actually “adopted” people who spend most of their time in Las Vegas. “Dad” travels here every couple of weeks for business, and Sierra usually rides shotgun to keep him company. Though she’s not one to brag, her Mama, Sundance, took top Pyr honors in 2006. As you can see, Sierra pads along in no one’s shadow – she’s quite the beauty all her own.

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