Jessica McLeish

You know that rare moment when you meet someone who has absolutely followed the calling in his or her life? I saw this in Chef Jessica McLeish last month when I took a tour of an organic farm and then participated in a culinary demonstration at a picnic table right there at the farm.

Jessica is the founder of Sourced Cuisine, a rather genius idea of combining organic farm tours, culinary demonstrations with easy-to-duplicate recipes, and weekly plans of vegetarian and vegan meals that she creates on order (and delivers) with a fellow chef.

Chef Jessica is doing another Flavors on the Farm Tour and culinary demo this coming Saturday, March 28th at just $20 per person. Given the surprisingly educational and entertaining time I had last month at this event, I’d heartily encourage anyone interested in adding inventive, organic cuisine to their lives to sign up before the roster is full – Jessica only takes 20 per tour.

Chef Jessica starts at 2:00 p.m. by walking her attendees through Alegria Farm, an urban farm using modern technology to grow nutrient-dense and flavorful food at the Great Park. She stops now and then to pull off stems and leaves, and hands them out to her duckling followers to nibble on. Why not? Not a single pesticide is used on these gorgeous blooms, and they are flavorful and full of life.

Apple Fennel Stack - Jessica McLeishThen, she settles everyone into picnic tables and starts walking through a handful of fresh, colorful recipes that you can easily be incorporated as main or side dishes that very evening at your own table – you even get a handful of fresh greens to take home as starter fuel! And, if it’s too much for you to make on your own, she offers weekly, freshly made meals at a more than fair price, too.

Thai Cabbage Wrap - Jessica McLeishAll combined, it’s a simple hour (maybe slightly more) of great education and engaging fun. Just email to to reserve your space for this Saturday’s Flavors on the Farm Tour.

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