Everyone I know has at least one “famous” recipe they’re asked to pull out for every family and friend gathering.

My friend, Lisa, makes a killer filet of roast. My friend, Rhonda, makes a decadent crock pot potato dish, and my buddy, Rob, cooks up the best buttermilk pancakes around (not even IHOI can touch these pancakes). I could go on and on with a list of great “amateur” cooks and their recipes in my life, but better to introduce them to a much larger audience – you – by way of Skyoft’s latest offering. 

Submit Your Recipe, See It Cooked Up at Skyloft

Skyloft recently partnered with a new entity, GiveDish, which helps raise money for local Orange County charities.

To get started, simply download the GiveDish app and share your favorite, home-grown recipe there. If your recipe is chosen by Skyloft’s Chef Arthur, the dish is added to a mini-menu that is featured with the restaurant’s regular menu and, then, is actually prepared and served when requested by any Skyloft patron.

When your GiveDish recipe is sold, a portion of the sale goes to charity. Pretty easy!


Every Time Your Dish is Ordered, CHOC Benefits

Skyloft’s Director of Operations, Jonathan Moore, chose the restaurant’s first quarterly charity, CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) as the first GiveDish recipient.

“CHOC has been there for my own kids and for children of servers, bartenders and managers in our restaurant,” says Moore. “It’s our way of showing gratitude for CHOC through a fun and innovative standpoint that spotlights great food recipes.”

“Chef” Winning Recipes Debut Next Week

Three Skyloft patrons’ recipes will be going into play next week with the GiveDish plan, including Hackensack, N.J. native Matt’s “Smoked Brisket Yard Burger,” Albany, N.Y. Brett’s recipe with “Shrimp, Clams + Fat Noodles” and Laguna’s own Andrew with a unique take on Flan and Strawberries.

While GiveDish winners’ menu items will change up monthly, Chef Arthur has permanently dedicated three of his best-selling menu items to the GiveDish cause as well. So, any time you purchase his “All In” Platter (ribs, brisket, chicken and many sides), his crazy-popular O.C. Loko Okimoto egg dish (served all day and night), or the Fruit + Honey Plate, Skyloft donates to GiveDish.

Imagine taking your family and friends to Skyloft to order your own recipe from its menu! Submit your recipe on the GiveDish app to get your new fame rolling!


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