Laguna Culinary wine tasting Laguna Beach

Aside from their magnificent cooking classes and formal chef’s school, Laguna Culinary Arts has the city’s best cheese shop around, which I’ve covered in my book (no worries, I’ll do an update here in the blog prior to the holidays, I promise). 

The NEXT best kept secret about Laguna Culinary Arts is its amazing Wine Tasting Event every Saturday afternoon. Usually an off-season sort of thing, this is worth hanging out another 2 or 3 months at a hotel here in town just to have the opportunity to sup at this magnificent wine tasting table. 

For starters, it’s crazy cheap. Just $5 gets you 8 tastings of wines chosen from their domestic and international wines. And this ain’t no jug wine. For years, the owners here have been fastidiously collecting rare and eclectic finds; they offer a great education into many truly fantastic wines. 

The Wine Tasting Event rolls from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Laguna Culinary is tucked in the parking lot that shares the Sawdust Festival grounds at 845 Laguna Canyon Road. 



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