Kaj Garmshausen holiday cards

Every now and then in a lifetime, you meet a really rare and wonderful creature, and Laguna-raised Kaj Garmshausen is exactly that. The dude is the happiest human on the planet, and you can’t help but feel better any time he’s in your presence.

Kaj is an extremely talented artisan – he creates all sorts of gorgeous wood carvings, some that tower well above his head (his website will be debuting in January). But at Christmas, Kaj outdoes even the amazing carvings with the most incredible hand-designed holiday cards around.

Don’t ask Kaj how many hours each of these cards takes – he wouldn’t know other than to tell you that a few days pass before he lifts his head again and eats something. You’ll find all sorts of hidden holiday messages in each card’s design, too. Each year, he produces three new cards and they’re added to the many he’s created in the past for friends and family. I, for one, keep every one of his holiday cards tacked on my refrigerator all year long – somehow, it just keeps me in the proper spirit of things.

Call Kaj direct at (949) 338-0411 to procure your own box (or boxes) today. Yours will be the one that stays on everyone’s fireplace mantel well past the holidays.

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