Well, folks, as you’ve probably seen and heard on the news, it’s been a heck of a couple weeks here in Laguna Beach. As I was driving Laguna Canyon yesterday, I counted more than 20 prominent mud slides, many of which have messed with homes and businesses there at the bottom. My BFF is still sluicing out her house from mud slides before Christmas, and you see just as many shovels in use HERE in Laguna Beach as on the current Eastern Seaboard.

But the great thing about Laguna Beach (as I’ve always said), is its small-town community feel. When it comes to disasters anywhere in town, we’re more like Iowa or Oklahoma . . . everyone comes out to help their neighbors stand upright again. It’s what makes this town so magical – on the outside AND on the inside.

I love seeing the numbers of subscribed readers grow and grow on this little blog, and it’s amazing how many of you out there (thousands now!) are living all over the planet and checking in on our little berg. It’s just a different kind of town, isn’t it?

Thanks so much for your loyalty, patronage and spreading the word. Keep sending your questions for the various agendas you’re planning here in Laguna Beach, and I’ll keep writing about this unique and marvelous town, Laguna Beach.

Thanks again, dear readers. May your 2011 be everything you plan and hope for.

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