The Laguna Beach Historical Society will present “The History of the HIP District” on Tuesday, Sept 25 at the Susi Q, by Susan Elliott, Joe Hanauer, and Chris Keller. It’s a free event that begins at 7:30 p.m.

Frankly, I just want to know what those darned animals are doing on the rooftop of the Pottery Place.

Susan Elliott, who owns the gift shop Twig, will present a before and after account of the historic buildings in the section of town that runs from Thalia Street to Bluebird Canyon Drive, now dubbed the HIP District (which stands for Historic and Interesting Places). Joe Hanauer, owner of The Old Pottery Place, will describe the history and restoration of that property, while Chris Keller will present the history of La Casa del Camino. The program will take place at 7:30 p.m. and is open to the public at no cost.

“Formerly known as “Laguna Heights,” “Arch Beach,” and “The Village,” the stretch of South Coast Highway from Thalia Street to Bluebird Canyon Drive has had a re-birth as the “HIP District,” a name conceived by businesses in the area.

“The area has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years as owners have renovated and re-imagined the historic properties, which had experienced ups and downs in the decades prior to the latest renovation. The area is known for the Art Center, the Pottery Shack (now known as The Old Pottery Place), the Casa del Camino Hotel, along with bars, restaurants, and shops.

“The Art Center has had many businesses and re-incarnations over the years, including a pottery studio, various restaurants, a gay bar, several boutiques, and a beloved bakery/coffee shop. Likewise, The Pottery Shack, formerly a favorite destination for folks looking for cool, handmade California pottery, has become a set of shops and restaurants that still retain much of the original style and decor in its new incarnation, The Old Pottery Place.”

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