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[singlepic id=533 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Happy Holidays! It occurred to me that you might not be receiving my e-mail updates about the Master Holiday Gift Ideas List in Laguna Beach or the Master Events Calendar for all things holiday in Laguna Beach.

I keep updating the 2011 Holiday Events in Laguna Beach Calendar, and it now includes new Christmas Eve dining, Christmas Eve church services in Laguna Beach, and Christmas Day live music venues. Click:  Holiday Events 2011 Laguna Beach

And, you also have more than 20 unique gift ideas I’ve found in every nook and cranny in Laguna Beach for every character on your list. These gift ideas are most easily accessed in the summary list I’ve created: Click: Holiday Gifts Laguna Beach

If you have a holiday event or special dining hours at your Laguna Beach restaurant, email me directly to be included in the calendar: Diane@LagunaBeachBest.com

Thank to all the folks who have sent in great holiday gift ideas – if you haven’t seen your idea yet, have faith – I’m still trying to cram these great gift ideas in!

Lastly, as a gift to all you coffee lovers out there, The Laguna Coffee Company is offering one lucky winner FREE COFFEE for months! Sign up to be registered to win on the home page of www.LagunaBeachBest.com – we’ll have the drawing on New Year’s Eve.

Make it a great week out there, and pass this Laguna Beach news on to your friends and cohorts!

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