Granted, the 51st U.S. Open of Surfing last August happened in, ehrm … where it always happens … Huntington Beach.

BUT when it came time to debut Hurley’s cool new movie about the semi-centennial monster surf/skate/BMX/people watching event, no better place in the WORLD than the semi-centennial theater in Laguna Beach, the Grand Dame Regency Laguna South on THURSDAY (tomorrow) at 7:30 p.m.

(Why the theater is called “South” I don’t know because it’s the only one we’ve got in Laguna Beach.)

This isn’t a long movie but it sooo rocks.

Assembled by the local artist collective, LEAF, and Hurley (the prime sponsor behind the venerable U.S. Open), “No. 51” briefly chronicles all the phenomenal action that occurs simultaneously while more than half a million in-person fans look on.

Head on down to the Laguna Beach Regency Theater – right across from Main Street Beach – tomorrow night (Oct 7th.). And bring money for popcorn.

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