As a great pizza place with inventive pizzas and fantastic salads, Gary Decker’s Pizza Lounge was one of my most surprising finds in Laguna Beach. I’ve written a more detailed entry about his standard offerings, but THIS is about one thing that’s NOT on the menu that you have to ask for anyway.

The Pizza Lounge in Laguna Beach sports a few cool desserts (3 of which are dessert pizzas), but the one dessert item not on its printed menu – a homemade cookie ice cream sandwich. These aren’t your average, ordinary, freezerburned ice cream sandwiches.

Each day, the Pizza Lounge bakes up a fresh batch of big, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and only assembles the decadent mile-high stack stuffed with gourmet vanilla bean ice cream – and ONLY once you’ve placed your order. It is so fantastic, it’s truly the best ice cream in Laguna Beach!

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