Hello my dear RSS readers,

After 18 months of writing this blog for LagunaBeachBest.com, we’re nearing the 20,000 subscriber mark, which is really phenomenal. I can’t thank you enough for your support and especially for sending my blog entries on to get your family and friends involved in all that Laguna has to offer. This blog is becoming one of the biggest reads around, and that simply wouldn’t be the case without you doing what you do out there.

If you’re receiving my blog entries via the old RSS feed I used to have for sign up on the site, you’re receiving blog entries in your email box that look like this:

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All well and good, but I’ve got two quick things to say about this . . .

1. Before I was writing the LagunaBeachBest.com, I had started writing another blog under another title. Now, I have to move those old, unpublished entries over to this here blog, and THIS means your email “IN” box is going to get somewhat battered with a number of entries starting this coming Thursday. It’s something I can’t stop – you’ll simply receive an “issue” every time I enter a new database piece (even if it’s an old one!) As an Internet marketer by day, I HATE doing this to you. The last thing you need in your daily e-mail in box is one entry after another from me. But, I can’t stop the Feedburner from doing this, and it’s Google’s Feedburner that’s operating your “feeds” from me to you.

I don’t want to lose you as a loyal subscriber – you’re what gets me up in the morning and keeps me smiling. Seriously. I very much love writing for you and telling you about this paradise on earth. So, I just wanted to warn you in advance that this is going to be happening, and either …

1.) Practice blessed patience with me, or

2.) Simply unsubscribe from the feedburner feed before Thursday (and re-subscribe under the new gig, which I’ll get to in a minute). You have the option to unsubscribe at the bottom of each of the blog entries you receive from me … even this one!

2. And, actually, I’d be happy if you unsubscribed from Feedburner because I think it’s a terribly slow service. Today – SATURDAY – again, you received an entry from me that I’d written on Thursday, TWO DAYS AGO. I don’t write these entries to have you miss them, for heaven’s sake. So, while Feedburner might seem like a great little tool to get my word out to you it, instead, creates a slow burn on my side as I’m frustrated with its inefficiencies.

3. Here’s what I ask you to do instead … I have replaced the Feedburner subscription form on the LagunaBeachBest.com site with a new form (Get Laguna Beach Insider Updates Fast! … it’s above the Twitter bird in the right hand column.)

Please re-subscribe there. This subscription, then, goes to me and ONLY me … not to  a faceless Google entity that might be doing who-knows-what with your email information. Not to anyone who will sell or rent your information ever. I’d never do that to you. This is simply a subscription that allows me to get my Laguna blog entries to you quickly and efficiently BEFORE the danged event is already over!

Further, I promise to never harass, hustle, or annoy you with anything that doesn’t have to do with Laguna Beach. I’m not going to sell you timeshares in Acapulco or try to get you to join a network marketing company. You have my solemn promise.  YOU are what’s making LagunaBeachBest.com one of the most well-read blogs on the planet, and you are – and always will be – near and dear to my heart as one of my first loyal followers.

When you re-subscribe at this new fill-in form, you can safely unsubscribe from the RSS you’re receiving and still get all the Laguna Beach updates DIRECTLY from me on a much more timely basis. That’s really all this “subscription” is for.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being there. And thanks for continuing to be a part of www.LagunaBeachBest.com


Love, Your Laguna Guru-ess,

Diane Armitage






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