John Barber glass ornaments

It always amazes me how many people buy regular stuff at regular stores for hostess, office personnel and client gifts when they could be buying one-of-a-kind artistry from any number of our Laguna Beach artists.

For me, I’m a fanatical fan of the beautiful glass-blown tree ornaments that a few of our own resident artists create. I box them up and send them all over the world to clients, and purchase a few extras for last-minute hostess gifts.

People absolutely love this “taste” of Laguna Beach.

This year at the Sawdust Winter Fantasy, at least three glass blowing artists are displaying these beautiful glass orbs. My very favorites holiday tree ornaments, though, come compliments of our “Godfather of Glass,” John Barber. While he’s not at the Winter Fantasy this year, he is selling his famed glass ornaments at his home-based studio at 21062 Laguna Canyon Road.

As so much artwork around Laguna Beach will tell, there’s just nothing like the talent of John Barber. His “Eternal Sunset” walls and eucalyptus urns adorn the Montage grounds. His gorgeous dragonfly lanterns and sconces can be found in front of a North Laguna art gallery and a separate furnishing store. His glass spheres adorn Laguna Nursery’s rod iron garden stakes. And his one-of-a-kind chandeliers hang in homes, museums and headquarter companies throughout the United States.

This year, when I send glass ornaments from John Barber to clients as far away as Australia and England, I know I’m sending Laguna Beach’s finest art imaginable.

John’s studio is open every day,10:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., every day till Christmas. He has about five different colors he’s worked with in this year’s batch of ornaments. And, if you choose to purchase larger items in his collection, the ornament is free!

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