Busy, beautiful weekend here in Laguna Beach! As I was driving through the main part of town on Saturday, I reminded myself to remind YOU of a couple key pointers for your life in June, and ease of life in Laguna Beach through our summer months.

Get your June events covered with these great cards . . .

First, I was wending my way through all our residential back streets (our “bat caves” to avoid PCH during high season), when I realized I had failed to pick up a wedding shower card for my dear niece (Karley Molzahn). Given that I was actually hosting the event at my own Laguna Beach home, this was something of an imperative. So, I flipped a U-turn and headed all the way back down into the chaos of downtown Laguna Beach because THERE is the only phenomenal card store in town – Laguna Drug on Broadway, mere steps across from Main Beach.

We all know June is that month for events – Father’s Day, graduations, showers, weddings, etc. Don’t waste your time anywhere else. Get it all done with the best card selection (by far) in town. Check out my earlier blog entry about Laguna Drug’s card selection for all seasons.

Ok. second tip from your loving Laguna Beach resident . . .

STOP with sitting in summer Laguna Beach traffic, grinding your teeth to fine powder. Our FREE Laguna Beach SHUTTLES are back! This is a glorious event, for tourists and residents alike!

Laguna Beach’s free shuttle service is the bomb – we’ve got you covered from North Laguna Beach, South Laguna Beach and that oh-so-crowded, inching-forward Laguna Canyon. Better yet, these shuttle boys are flying by your assigned shuttle stop about every 15 minutes.

Trust me – even we longtime residents garage our cars and head for a Free Laguna Beach Shuttle stop betwist the months of June and September. You won’t regret it. See my lengthier blog entry about Free Laguna Beach Shuttles and schedules here.

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