As you might know by now, I’ve been scuttling around Laguna Beach like some kind of displaced elf, collecting holiday gift ideas that are particularly unique and memorable. You can always check back to the Holiday Master List of Gift Ideas any time.

[singlepic id=554 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]This holiday gift idea is for all those up-and-coming artist painters in your life. In Laguna Beach, artists who want to perfect their game have the rare opportunity to sit at the feet of some of the most renowned painters in the world. Ken Auster would love it if you’d sit at his feet – in fact, he’d undoubtedly have a wry comment to accompany the action. As I’ve noted before in, Ken Auster is a whole different (likable) brand of famous artist.

As one of the world’s most renowned Plein Air artists and Contemporary Impressionists, Ken’s busy. He only teaches 5 painting classes a year, each being 3-day workshop events in the study of plein air painting. In 2012, Ken Auster is doing workshops in Tucson, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Maryland and Laguna Beach. His Laguna Beach Plein Air Workshop isn’t until the first week of August, but it’s one of the first to sell out. What a great surprise gift to give any painting artist out there!

Check out Ken Auster’s Workshop details, dates and locations.


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