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It is now exactly six months since your New year’s resolutions. If one of those resolutions had anything to do with your body, your fitness and how you would look and feel on a beach in June … well, now’s the time to ensure you meet that resolution. 

The Art of Fitness, our coolest Laguna Beach gym, has re-upped its New year’s specials for those of us who might have stumbled, veered or completely fallen off the Better Body Bandwagon.

Thanks to Owner Marian Keegan’s perseverance and optimism, this locals’ favorite gym and spa is always buzzing with activity no matter what sort of economic year anyone else in town is having. Plus, you have the added benefit of looking across to the ocean when you’re huffing away on your treadmill. 

The Art of Fitness is offering the following specials for just a few weeks:

  • $75 unlimited classes, which allows you to try out any one of the 30 weekly classes the gym provides. Though the gym might look like a small bit o’ space, its two levels offer classes in spin, yoga, dance, body sculpt, pilates, and concentrated classes for tummies an our rear views.
  • $199 for a personal training package that includes a complete and customized nutrition program.
  • Annual membership fees cut to $100 initiation and $65/month.

Locals and visitors alike are welcome to drop in for day classes or pick up weekly or monthly passes, too. The Art of Fitness is parked right next to Laguna Coffee at 1080 S. Coast Highway. 



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