The Laguna Beach  Surf and Sand Resort holds a special place in my heart as it played host to me the first time I came to Laguna Beach in 1996. I still vividly remember sitting on my hotel room’s deck the next morning with the ocean waves rolling in and tossing spray at me. I decided, there and then, that some day I would move to Laguna Beach. It took four years, but I finally made my way here from Denver. I credit the Surf and Sand Hotel for the best move I’ve ever made.

Just like the larger Montage Resort property, the Surf and Sand caters to local residents as beautifully as it does its international traveling audience. This, I think, is where the shops and restaurants here in Laguna Beach make or break themselves – if they don’t figure out the “local” thing in a hurry, they have a longer road to ho. From what I understand, the Surf and Sand dialed this in many decades ago, and kudos to them for staying the course. Here’s what it’s up to now:

The Surf and Sand Resort is offering a cool “Spring Break” package through April 14th. While this activities-driven package is built around its visiting families, it offers a variety of these activities to locals and other visitors to Laguna Beach, too. Take, for instance, the fun Pancake Breakfast my boyfriend and I stumbled across last Sunday. We had rambled onto the grounds because I wanted to show him the resort’s cool little hidden coffee shop (it’s called Pacific Perks), when we came across a bustling morning breakfast display in the outdoor 15FiftyFive Lounge. (The lounge sits just to the north of the hotel’s main entrance – you can’t miss it.)

As part of the Surf and Sand Spring Break package, the hotel has introduced a “Make Your Own Pancakes” buffet with pricing at $5 for kids and $7 for adults. Mix up your ideal pancake from a vast assortment of options, and hand it to the pancake chef cookin’ experts for quick completion. It’s that easy.

Given that last Sunday was the first for the pancake crew, the event was an obvious hit. The concierge tells me that they’re considering extending the Pancake Breakfast through the summer, and I think it’s a great idea for an easy, sunny breakfast with a great ocean view. (If you follow Laguna Beach Best on Facebook, I will give you updates there.) 

The hotel continues to open its doors to locals and visitors who aren’t staying at the Resort for any “Fitness on the Beach” activity for a minimal drop-in fee (Mindful Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp, etc.). They ask that you simply call in advance (949-497-4477) to ensure a space.

Anything offered at the 15FiftyFive Lounge is also open to the public, and the Spring Break package through April 14th specifically includes:

  • Tuesday evening’s S’mores and Hot Cocoa night,
  • Wednesday evening’s Sundae building,
  • Thursday “Sunset & Cinema” for the entire family,
  • Friday Sunset Wine and Appetizers,
  • Sunday afternoon Street Tacos,
  • And live music on Saturday and Sunday evenings (4 – 9 p.m.)

Of course, the resort’s primary restaurant, Splashes, and its adjacent Splashes bar are always open to the public, too. Given its central location in Laguna Beach and its fantastic beachfront, the Surf and Sand is a great drop-in point that we locals don’t always take advantage of. Keep it in mind, particularly when you have visiting peeps at your homestead next time around!






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